Special Projects

Thanks to its practice areas, the firm is able to provide the following special projects:


Food and Farming

Internationalisation of Companies

International Investments in Italy


The firm provides assistance to all those who have a business idea and who want to achieve it. Specifically, together with our clients, the firm assesses business ideas and offers its advice during the following stages: .
  • Analysis as to protection of our client’s business idea
  • Registration of the trademark and/or patent or industrial model
  • Finding public funds in order to support the start-up stage
  • Finding investors ready to invest in the start-up
  • Identifying the legal status which best meets client requirements
  • Drawing up a business internationalisation plan.

Food and Agriculture

The firm provides assistance to entrepreneurs in the food and agricultural sector, helping them to increase the value of their business and to develop it.
Specifically, the firm provides consultancy services to identify the forms of public and private funding required to grow and internationalise the company, identifying and implementing the most suitable legal form in order to encourage the aggregation of small and medium-sized companies such as: network contracts, districts, consortia and cooperatives.
The firm provides its consultancy services to devise, draft and apply supply chain contracts.
The firm provides advice on how to combat counterfeiting of our clients’ food products.

Internationalisation of companies

Within a globalised financial context, the firm assists its clients who wish to internationalise their business.
Thanks to its multidisciplinary expertise, the firm can assist entrepreneurs with planning every stage of the business internationalisation process.
From selecting the form of corporate governance most suited for internationalisation to seeking the financial resources required for sustaining a company’s development, to providing assistance when international business contracts are negotiated.

International investments in Italy

The firm assists international businesses wishing to invest in Italy and, specifically, in southern Italy, throughout every stage of their investment.
The firm provides consultancy services when an investment is being studied and planned and when the investment area is decided, handling relations with national and local public authorities, and identifying possible Italian partners and handing relations with them.
Thanks to its broad portfolio of clients, the firm has partners working in the tourism, real estate, food, fashion, textile and mechanical sectors which can assess the advisability of initiating a business activity, together with international partners.
The firm provides assistance in the following areas: investment tax planning, selecting the corporate legal status most suitable for investment, incorporating the company, fiscal, accounts and legal due diligence in respect of potential investment partners, negotiations and preparation of business contracts.
For any information, please mail international@angelastrilex.com
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