Activity Areas

Corporate Law

Within the framework of corporate law, the firm offers out-of-court and judicial assistance to its clients. With regard to the firm’s out-of-court activities, it offers assistance with drafting corporate bylaws, shareholder agreements, corporate governance and choosing the legal status for companies being incorporated which best meets the client’s needs. The firm assists national and international clients in extraordinary operations such as mergers, demergers, the acquisition of equity holdings or companies and group restructuring. Within the framework of its judicial activities, the firm assists its clients right from the pre–litigation stage, assessing - together with our clients - the costs and benefits of legal proceedings compared to feasible out-of-court solutions. The firm assists its clients in corporate litigation both in court and in arbitration.

Corporate Contracts

The firm assists its clients to draft any type of commercial agreement, contracts for the provision of goods and services, tenders, franchising, distribution, agency and licence agreements.

Intellectual Property

The firm offers strategic and commercial consultancy to develop and profit from intellectual property rights in addition to the provision of assistance in order to protect intellectual property rights before Italian courts. With regard to the creation and protection of trademarks, the firm helps its clients create effective trademark protection, also providing operational strategic consultancy for the protection of intellectual property rights. The firm files applications, raises objections and files defence before the European Union Trademark Office based in Alicante, Spain. The firm carries out programmes to research and examine national, international and European Union models and trademarks, providing full consultancy services as to the feasibility of registering trademarks or models prior to filing an application. Before proceeding with registration, together with its clients, the firm assesses all costs relating to global strategies to protect intellectual property rights. The firm also renews, revises, transfers and manages licences, including drawing up all necessary documentation, in addition to complete management of the IP portfolio. The firm also provides assistance with strategies to use and defend trademarks, paying particular attention to areas relating to the new economy. Domain names play a key role in today’s economy. The firm also provides expert opinions on all legal matters relating to verifying the availability of domain names and registering them, in addition to arbitration and legal proceedings to settle conflicts. The firm also assists its clients to decide whether to register patents and to protect the exclusive industrial rights arising therefrom. The firm helps its clients draft agreements in order to protect know-how and industrial secrets in all types of contracts and business transactions, in addition to drafting confidentiality clauses.


The art market is one of the broadest, most complex sectors in the economy, both in terms of economic value and geographic boundaries, but also regulations and legislation which, increasingly, collectors, artists and intermediaries (dealers, gallery owners etc) must take into account.

The firm provides advice to artists, collectors, museums, art galleries, foundations and auction houses, as well as to private collectors or enthusiasts, throughout every stage of the life of a work of art, from its creation to exhibition, purchase and sale.

The firm protects copyright and rights relating to photographers, painters and sculptors and helps them draft agreements covering the sale, commission and delivery of their works to galleries and auction houses.

Corporate Funding

In a market affected by the credit crunch, the firm helps its clientele seek alternative sources of funding, rather than banks, funding which is necessary in order to implement our clients’ development projects. The latest legislative reforms have made it possible for small and medium-sized Italian enterprises, including limited liability companies and cooperatives, to access alternative sources of funding to banks, sources which until a few years ago were restricted to joint stock companies. Specifically, small and medium-sized enterprises can now find the financial resources which are necessary for their development through the use of the following sources of funding: mini-bonds, subordinated bonds, commercial paper, private debt fund operations, crowd-funding and equity crowd-funding, equity and venture capital operations. Thanks to our wide, diverse network of contacts with investment funds and Italian and foreign private debt, we can ensure that every type of development investment submitted to potential financiers, starting at a minimum of Euro 250,000 without any limits on the project’s maximum amount. Projects must be consistent with the company’s economic and financial situation. We provide a guarantee that the feasibility of all development plans proposed will be evaluated within a few days and a reply received from potential financiers/investors including international financiers and investors.

Bankruptcy Law and Debt Restructuring

The studio assists its clients with every type of insolvency procedure and at every stage including bankruptcy, bankruptcy protection and pre-bankruptcy arrangements with creditors. The firm assists its clients with corporate restructuring, whether they are creditors or companies in crisis The firm assists its clients with debt restructuring through agreements or plans to put companies on a sound financial footing, with turnaround procedures and converting debt to capital and/or equity instruments. The firm assists its clients with the analysis and evaluation of bankruptcy risks within the framework of securitisation operations, project financing, structured finance, derivatives, bond issuance and other corporate and financial operations.

Corporate Criminal Law

The firm has provided consultancy services to the most prestigious criminal lawyers within the framework of criminal law proceedings designed to ascertain whether white-collar crimes have been committed. The firm provides its clients with advice to plan, complete and implement organisational models pursuant to Legislative Decree 231/2001.

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